Welcome to Spark Health Navigation

Spark is a healthcare navigation practice offering personalized guidance for clients of all ages. From understanding complex medical diagnoses to creating an action plan when the unexpected happens, Spark empowers clients through an independent, unbiased and thoughtful approach to informed decision-making about their health.

You’re not alone. I’m here to help.

Your health and well-being are the most complex, precious and vital assets you have – and the hardest to manage alone. My value to you comes from more than two decades of health advocacy and close collaboration with medical teams, spanning every life stage and key transition from pediatric and young adult health to the needs of aging parents.

With deep empathy and insider perspective, I founded Spark to help you and your family heal and keep lives in balance through clarity, hope and peace of mind.

Pamela Posey, Owner | BCPA 
Spark Health Navigation

What’s in a name?

Spark means inspiration, hope, courage, possibilities – to create momentum and see your care in a new light. Health advocacy supports your unique needs and puts you in control. Navigation brings clarity and a course of action. With expert guidance, your health can become easier to manage.

What Spark provides

A platform for your voice, values and wishes

Diagnostic clarity at all points of care

Coordinated communication among family/healthcare systems

Decision support when health matters become complex

Personal Healthcare Navigation

Spark can assist you with essential services such as selecting primary care physicians, addressing physical and mental health, researching specialists, attending doctor appointments as your ally and supporting you in making informed decisions.

Complex Diagnoses Support

Spark helps you understand a complex diagnosis, makes sure your questions are answered, facilitates second opinions, ensures care coordination among specialist teams, connects you and your family to helpful resources and more.

Mental and Neurocognitive Health

In this complex domain of health, Spark listens closely to your concerns and goals in seeking care, researches top specialists, and can help engage an expert team focused on diagnostic clarity and appropriate treatment.

Proactive Health Planning

Anticipating and addressing health needs over time is a valuable step in life planning. Here, Spark helps clarify goals and priorities, reviews your health profile, identifies best-fit providers and more to actively shape smart health strategies.

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Spark Health Navigation is a patient advocacy practice serving Greater Boston and the U.S.