Complex Diagnoses

“We’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.”

As a patient advocate and parent familiar with medical complexity, I want to help clients and their families feel supported across all dimensions of care and know their lives don’t have to be defined by illness.

After an initial or established diagnosis, I can act as a non-clinical liaison and guide to ensure clarity about findings and coordinate ongoing care. I can also identify and connect you to top specialists and clinical centers of excellence – wherever they may be – and provide links to support groups and educational resources for you, your family and loved ones.

Spark offers support for:

Communication among your care team, family and loved ones

Pursuing diagnostic clarity through a second opinion

Helping you make informed decisions

Ensuring best practices and innovation guide your care

“Pamela could anticipate exactly what I needed at a given moment with the insight and intuition that can only come from a lifetime of firsthand experience.”

A.G., Greater Boston

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Spark Health Navigation is a patient advocacy practice serving Greater Boston and the U.S.