How the Process Works

I listen, answer your questions, and we explore ways that I can help as your Health Navigation consultant.


To begin our work, I provide a written agreement outlining a scope of work, timeline, and estimated cost and deliverables. Our agreement also describes the roles and responsibilities of each party.

We agree upon a retainer for services based on project scope and complexity. Fees are billed in 1/10ths of an hour. Any unused portion of the retainer is returned upon the conclusion of my work for you.

Our work may be very targeted and brief, ongoing, or pause and restart at a later time.

Once the agreement is signed, I will provide a detailed intake form, along with consent forms to complete and return.

Billing occurs each month, or following another arrangement, until our work together ends.


How the process works:

Our agreement describes my services and your goals

We develop an action plan and frequently reassess to track progress

All communications respect your privacy and are HIPAA-compliant

Confidential documents and authorizations return to clients upon the conclusion of our work

“Pamela is exceptional, so much more than a 9-5 advocate, someone who cares deeply about her clients – both the patient in need as well as family members.”

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Spark Health Navigation is a patient advocacy practice serving Greater Boston and the U.S.