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From more than two decades of patient advocacy, Spark owner Pamela Posey understands both patient/family and clinician perspectives and how to effectively bridge between the two.

Pamela’s advocacy work is grounded in deep experience with Boston-based centers of clinical excellence and research, including Mass General Brigham, McLean Hospital, and Boston Children’s Hospital. She has also navigated specialist care and patient advocacy in both Houston and Buffalo.

Pamela’s unconventional background brings relevant skills and perspective to her health consultancy. As a trained art historian and a parent of a child with a significant chronic illness, she is a systems-oriented and contextual thinker. Her experience in business, non-profit institutions and town government provides a vital basis for the teamwork and client focus that is foundational to health advocacy.

Pamela identifies closely with women juggling careers, family and healthcare decision-making and is committed to changing how we value and prioritize managing our health.

Pamela believes community engagement is part of a meaningful life. She is an elected Town Meeting Member and fundraiser, community advocate and volunteer on her town’s Climate Action Committee. She is also the proud parent of two amazing children. Pamela is a Board-certified Patient Advocate based in Greater Boston and member of the National Association of Healthcare Advocacy (NAHAC) and Massachusetts Healthcare Advocates (MAHCA).

Pamela’s personal advocacy story began with the overwhelming and frightening diagnosis of her daughter with Type 1 diabetes at age four. Coached by her daughter's first pediatric endocrinologist, she found comfort in a deeply collaborative partnership with the medical team and the mindset of fearless optimism. She also acquired lifetime skills keeping her daughter safe 24 hours a day that have served her in many health situations as patient advocate - a finely attuned radar for subtle shifts in health status, making medical decisions based on unpredictable factors, knowing when to watch and observe and when to act, and getting answers for complex health problems.

“I know Pamelas skills and instincts, her kindness and determination, make her role as health navigator a deeply personal calling.
– P.R., Greater Boston

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