Mental Health and Neurocognitive Function

Areas of Focus include Mood and Personality Disorders, Executive Function, ADHD

A complex domain of health where skilled evaluation and diagnosis by appropriate specialists are essential. My goal is to create a foundational and nuanced understanding that goes deep and looks beyond labels. I can research and connect you to top specialists and help engage a team focused on diagnostic clarity and appropriate treatment. Offering emotional support, taking a holistic view of your health and ensuring your voice is heard are my guiding principles.

    How Spark can help:

    Act as your liaison and guide

    Identify gaps in evaluations and care

    Coordinate essential communication

    Participate in team meetings

    Connect you to helpful resources, including psychoeducation and support groups

    “Pamela gently demystified the relationship between intellectual abilities and mental health. Her perfectly timed check-ins remind us of the progress our son is making.”
    – J.C., Greater Boston

    (781) 923-0991 (w) | (781) 710-8555 (c)

    Spark Health Navigation is a patient advocacy practice serving Greater Boston and the U.S.