Personal Healthcare Navigation

Spark offers essential services for both routine and unexpected health matters, for clients of all ages.


From selecting a primary care physician to researching specialists, helping you prepare for doctor appointments to pursuing diagnostic clarity, Spark supports you as a healthcare guide and ally. Spark ensures health decisions are not rushed but carefully considered, and manages essential communication among you, your care team and family members. Owner Pamela Posey believes that the best care is actively coordinated after you leave the doctor’s office and includes skillful handling of key transitions, including geographic relocation. She can also help you revisit unresolved health concerns with a fresh perspective.

Spark personalizes health navigation for the unique needs of every generation, including the services below.


Older Adult Health (65+)

Whether addressing complex health matters as they arise, managing health so you can remain independent or proactively planning ahead, Spark is attentive to your unique needs and ensures that both care and decision-making is aligned with your priorities. Spark can review your health history to identify unmet needs and identify best-fit providers as your health evolves.

Spark offers support for:

  • Transitions from generalist to geriatric-focused care
  • Researching and referring you to specialists
  • Attending doctor appointments as your medical interpreter and ally
  • Skilled communication among you, your doctors, family members and caregivers
  • Essential paperwork, appointments, phone calls and other follow-up tasks

Young Adult Health (18-32)

The transition from pediatric to adult healthcare deserves special attention because of the rapidly changing needs of young adults, including the years after school when starting new jobs and careers. Spark believes that by engaging with doctors, advocating for their needs and managing their health, young adults can reap a lifetime of benefits.

Spark offers support for:

  • Transition from pediatric to adult primary care and gynecology
  • Health history review to proactively identify concerns, including the need for updated evaluations
  • Engaging medical care while away from home when needed
  • Student and family support during medical leaves of absence
  • Selecting health insurance after age 26

Spark’s mission is a holistic approach to your health that brings lasting and tangible benefits.

“As a health advocate I want to know your stories, understand what matters to you. I’m here to listen.”
– Pamela Posey

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Spark Health Navigation is a patient advocacy practice serving Greater Boston and the U.S.