Proactive Health Planning

“Can you help us feel more in control of our health needs, not just now but in the years ahead?”

This question expresses a universal need – to have the peace of mind that comes from finding ways to create certainty amid the unpredictable.

Each chapter in life presents an opportunity to revisit health and life priorities – to achieve greater clarity and a sense of control, both for yourself and among family and loved ones. I believe that proactive health planning leads to better health outcomes and long-term financial benefits.

How Spark can help:

Review your health history to create new insights

Develop a strategic plan to address future health needs

Identify gaps in medical, legal and financial planning

Coordinate with related professionals, such as life care managers, estate attorneys and financial advisers

“I’ve watched Pamela navigate care and guide health decisions for family, friends and her parents in their later years. She is compassionate, caring and kind – someone I implicitly trust to have my best interests in mind.”
– P.R., Greater Boston

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Spark Health Navigation is a patient advocacy practice serving Greater Boston and the U.S.