Why an Advocate?

A patient advocate is an ally and liaison for you, your providers and
family, a personal touchpoint and guide to care.

“As a Board Certified Patient Advocate, I represent your interests and work directly for you.  My role is that of facilitator and sometimes diplomat who keeps important conversations going, a project manager to streamline complex processes and manage key tasks, and a guide to help you know the right questions to ask, then make sure they’re answered.

I provide one-on-one support for the emotional, logistical and decision-making challenges you face, both inside and outside the healthcare system, and can help you think through priorities.

In our work together I can tap into a network of physician advocates, medical specialists, leaders in research, experts in insurance and every healthcare-related field for answers and personalized solutions.

Nothing is more important to me than your confidence, your clarity about the path forward and at peace with health decisions you make.”


What is a BCPA?

A Board certified patient advocate (BCPA) is a professional credentialed by  the Patient Advocate Certification Board (PACB). To receive this designation, they must demonstrate a broad base of knowledge, a high level of professional achievement and direct experience in patient advocacy. Board certified advocates pass a rigorous exam and commit to a code of ethics in their practice. They engage in ongoing professional development and recertification to maintain core competencies relevant to patient advocacy. Learn more here.

Pamela is laser-focused and passionate about guiding you and your loved ones toward proper care and the right professionals. She is an essential resource.


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